Gear Pump manufacturer in India

DR INDUSTRIES HYDRAULICS PTO INDIA  has varied kind of Gear Pumps with the brand of  DR Industries considering of gear of common requirement of substances pumps for varied industries.

The gear pumps at DR INDUSTRIES are created as per industrial guidelines of qualified and knowledgeable Engineers. And looking out once skillful and fully fledged staff and strict superintendence.

A read of the manufacture and distribution of hydraulic pumps at Gear Pump producing in india.

Gear Pump producing (GPM) specialises within the manufacture and assembly of SAE mounted forged iron hydraulic pumps and associate elements for the international market.

We manufacture a variety of technically advanced Bearing, Bushing, power takeoff Truck Pumps, straight axial Piston Pumps and Flow Dividers. we tend to additionally manufacture an entire range of internationally interchangeable industrial elements for Bearing pumps, Bushing pumps, Motors and Flow Dividers. GPM’s producing facilities are assessed and authorized as meeting ISO 9001:2008 standards.


A gear pumps use to become entangled of gears to pump fluid by the change in position of an object. they’re one in all the foremost common kinds of pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications.

Gear pumps are wide utilized in chemical installations to pump high viciousness fluids.

There are 2 main variations:

  1. external gear pumps that use 2 external gears.
  2. internal gear pumps that use associate external and an internal gear.

Gear pumps are positive displacement, which means they pump a continuing quantity of fluid for every revolution. Some gear pumps are designed to perform as either a motor or a pump.

An external preciseness gear pump is typically restricted to a most operating pressure of 210 bars and a most speed of three,3000 rpm. Some makers turn out gear pumps with higher operating pressures and speeds however these styles of pumps tend to be noisy  and special precautions has to be taken.


Gear pumps are typically terribly efficient, particularly in high applications.

Factors affecting potency

  • Clearances: Geometric clearances at the top and outer diameter of the gears permits leak and back flow. but generally higher clearances facilitate reduce hydrodynamic friction and improve potency.
  • Gear backlash: High backlash between gears also permits fluid leakage. However, this aides to reduce wasted energy from trappings the fluid between gear teeth (known as pressure trapping).


  • Petrochemicals: Pure or stuffed hydrocarbon, pitch, diesel oil, crude oil, lubricate oil etc.
  • Chemicals: sodium silicate, acids, plastics, mixed chemicals, isocyanates etc.
  • Paint and ink.
  • Resins and adhesives.

Our company is counted together of the simplest within the field of manufacture and distribute of  Gear Pumps. Dimensional accuracy and stability are the hallmark of those gear pumps that are square measure adhering to the business code of conduct.

in addition to the current, these gear pumps square measure equipped with high preciseness machined parts and square measure out there at economical costs. Further, these gear pumps square measure place through comprehensive quality check.


  • Superb practicality
  • Mesmerizing ranges
  • Quality specifications